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Fundingportal is a funding services and solutions provider that helps organizations get funded. Its unique Fundingportal GMS (Grants Management System) Software as a Service (SaaS) solution powers its own platforms—Fundingportal Canada, US and UK—and is offered as cloud-based solutions to applicants, funders, and advisors. Founded in 2011, it has served more than one million users on its platform and has licensed its solutions to dozens of licensees, including business incentives advisory firms, economic development agencies, industry associations, and accelerators.

Management Team

Teri Kirk, President
[email protected]

Scott Kaplanis, Investment
[email protected]

Karen Fournier, Operations
[email protected]

Leor Grebler, Innovation
[email protected]

Solution and Services

Parth Patel, Technology
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Countries. Fundingportal operates in the following countries and languages:


Board. Fundingportal’s board is comprised of both investor representatives and leaders within government funding and capital markets communities, including:
  • Terry Smith, Slaight Communications Inc.
  • George Denier, KPMG
  • Michel Wylie, Societal Ventures
  • Debbie Weinstein, LW Law
  • Teri Kirk, Founder and CEO


Investment. Fundingportal is a Canadian private corporation, backed by experienced e-commerce investors, including:
  • KPMG
  • Slaight Communications Inc.
  • Lexenomics Inc.
  • KaplanisCo.
  • Partners in Primary Capital Inc.
  • Kirk Family Trust

For additional investor information, contact [email protected].

Investors Relations


  • Founded Fundingportal to help companies source funding – like Expedia, but for funding!
  • Named Top Startup by Chamber of Commerce. More >
  • Raised first round of financing. More >


  • Launched first SaaS solution, Fundsearch, an algorithmic search tool into 5,000 funding sources to finance innovation.


  • Launched first Data as a Service (DaaS) solution for Globe & Mail (Fundingportal Top 500). More >


  • Became a Registered Exempt Market Dealer. More >
  • Closed second round of financing with VCs and strategic investors. More >


  • Launched Fundingportal US. More >
  • Launched Fundingportal GMS, an end-to-end SaaS Grants Management System.
  • Named a Deloitte Top 50 Company to Watch.


  • Founder Teri Kirk delivers TEDx Talk on Financing Innovation: From Capital Markets to Crowdfunding. More >
  • Served 1M users on the Portal and 20 SaaS licensees.
  • Our Founder named Top Female Innovator and Entrepreneur by Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance. More >


  • Attracted first Government SaaS client - Nova Scotia Business Inc More >
  • Became a Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution.


  • Closed Expansion Round
  • Layered on AI and launched our Grants Application Bot


Fundingportal hosts a National Advisory Council that facilitates dialogue between government and industry on improvements to grants and tax incentives in Canada. Specific objectives include identifying tools and solutions to streamline application processes, reducing wait times associated with funding decisions and increasing the percentage of funding that is distributed to businesses. The National Advisory Council includes:

Dr. David A. Jaffray

Georgina Steinsky

Dr. David A. Jaffray

Dr. David A. Jaffray

Glenn O'Farrell

Glenn O'Farrell

Leo Lax

Leo Lax
Venture Capital

Kevin Shea

Kevin Shea
Digital Media

Richard Rémillard

Richard Rémillard